TOEFL stand for ‘Test of English as a Foreign Language’, and is conducted by Educational Testing Service (ETS). The test in conducted in two versions: Paper Based Test (PBT) and Internet based test (iBT).

  • Paper Based Test (PBT): A candidate gets 4 hours to solve all the sections with the best of their ability. PBT is conducted in those areas wherethe iBT is unavailable. PBT is conducted 4 times a year. The score range in PBT deviates from 310 to 677, 310 being the lowest. Exam Pattern for PBT and iBT is the same: Reading, Writing, Listening and Structure/ Speaking.
  • Internet Based Test (iBT): TOEFL iBT was introduced in 2005 and is considered as an updated version of TOEFL CBT (computer based test).A candidate gets 3 hours to solve all the sections with the best of their ability. TOEFL iBT is preferred by 97% of students as it is conducted online. TOEFLiBT is conducted over 50 times a year and its score range from 0-120.

Students aspiring to pursue their higher studies in English speaking countries need to have a TOEFL Score for applying to any college. It is something that is required for every non-native English speaker.

The advantage about TOEFL is its acceptance gradient; TOEFL scores are notlimited to Educational value and to apply for scholarships and other certifications by students but are also used by working professionals applying for visa to move abroad, When screening candidates certain jobs ask for a TOEFL score.

Universities and businesses in English speaking countries like UK or Australia, France, Germany and so on accept a TOEFL score for various purposes.


TOEFL exam is a 3-hour long exam. It grades a candidate’s proficiency in English Language by testing them on different aspects (sections).


  • 3-4 passages
  • 10 questions/passage
  • 54-72 minutes.
  • Scoring: max is 30


  • 4-6 lectures
  • 6 questions/lecture
  • 2-3 conversations, 5- questions each
  • 60-90 minutes
  • Scoring: max is 30


  • 6 tasks, 20 minutes
  • Scoring: max is 30


  • 2 tasks, 50 minutes
  • Scoring: max is 30

As there is no such thing as cutoff in TOEFL, a candidate is advised to check the eligibility criterion of the university they are interested in. The scoring gradient varies from 0 to 120.Top universities or Ivy-league schools generally set a high score range (79 or above). TOEFL result is announced generally 10 days after the test date and a candidate is availed the result within 13 days of the exam. TheTOEFL score is valid for the 2 years.


There is no Eligibility criterion as specified officially, anybody can take TOEFL exam. Although, if one is planning to pursue their higher education at any university/ college abroad, they need to check the eligibility criteria set by the institute. A candidate, appearing for the exam, need to carry a valid passport as proof of identity.


ETS offers three different kinds of special accommodation services for the disable or needy candidates. Although there are some basic requirements of ETS which a candidate needs to fulfill to avail these services:

Technical Accommodations:

  • Screen magnification
  • Selectable background and foreground colors
  • Kensington Trackball mouse
  • Intellikeys keyboard
  • Ergonomic keyboard
  • Keyboard with touchpad

Specialized Assistance:

  • Sign language interpreter for spoken directions only
  • Oral interpreter for spoken directions only
  • Oral interpreter for listening section only
  • Writer/recorder of answers
  • Test reader

Adaptive Accommodations:

  • Audio version of the test
  • Reader’s script version of the test
  • Braille test
  • Braille’s test with readers script
  • Large print version of the test
  • Regular print version of the test
  • Listening section omitted
  • Speaking section omitted
  • Extended testing time
  • Additional test breaks
  • Transcripts of audio elements in speaking and writing sections


  • TOEFL registrations are open throughout the year, any day, any time, any week.
  • In case of a particular date, registration closes 7 days before the test date but one can still register themselves with a late fee of $40 USD up until 4 days before the exam.
  • A candidate is required to choose a date (2 month period) and fill in their location, after which they would be provided with the test centers to register by providing proof of ID (passport) and make payment.

Candidates can also select 4 universities to which they want to send their TOEFL scores. Option to add more universities come with an additional payment of $20 USD for each university.







US $180





Late registration


Additional reports (per agency)

$20 each

Speaking/ writing section score review


Both speaking and writing section score review


Country wise TOEFL Registration Fee:











South Korea



Scholarships are available on the official website of every college along with the fellowships and grants awarded to deserving candidates on a regular basis. Candidates can apply for student loans as well from financial institutions for studying abroad.