Pearson academic test (Pte)


Pearson Academic English Test (PTE) is an English language test for non-native English speakers who wish to study in abroad universities. It tests a candidate on their Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking skills. The test questions are designed in a way that they test 2 skills together, like reading and speaking or listening and reading.

PTE is a 3-hour long computer based test which focuses on everyday normal spoken English rather than high level English Language and tests a candidate accordingly.The multi-level grading system makes sure a better understanding of a candidate’s proficiency in English language.

PTE Academic score being accepted by thousands of universities/institutions over the word and its acceptance by the Government of Australia and New Zealand for visa purposes makes it a popular test amongst the aspiring students to pursue their major in an English speaking country like UK, Australia, USA, and Canada and amongst travel enthusiasts as well. The test being completely computerized, PTE results and scores are announced within 5 business days, much quicker than those of PTEs close competitors- IELTS and TOEFL.


Pearson Test of English is conducted by a unit of Pearson PLC Group in two formats of the test to assess the English Language skills of the candidates; PTE Academic Exam &PTE General Exam.

PTE Academic Exam

For students looking to get admissions to a university/ Institution the PTE Academic exam is conducted throughout the year. The exam tests a candidate over four sections- Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking. PTE Advance score remains valid for the next 2 years.

PTE General Exam

PTE Generalis conducted in the months of May, June, and December i.e. thrice a year. PTE General tests a candidate over only two sections- a written paper and a spoken test. PTE General basically tests the communication skills of the candidate. PTE General Scores are Valid for life-time.


No Eligibility Criteria has been set by Pearson PLC Group. However, students at the time of appearing for PTE Academic Exam, according to the PTE Academic eligibility criteria must be at least 16 years of age. Candidates below 18 years of age are required to give a parental consent form for appearing for the PTE Academic test.


PTE Academic Exam 2020 EVENT


PTE Academic Exam

13, 300

PTE Academic Exam (late fee)

₹ 13, 965

Cancellation (14 days before the exam)

Full Refund

Cancellation ( 7 days before the exam)

50% Refund

Rescheduling Fee (less than 14 day but at least 7 days before the exam)

50% of the test fee


Individuals with disabilities are provided with an option of Test Accommodations also known as “special arrangements” made by the authority to make the test assessable to everyone. Arrangements made are:

  • A separate test room
  • Extra test time
  • A Reader or Recorder

To avail this option candidates are required to specify their need and how the disability hindering them from performing their best in the exam. Candidates are needed to present documentation proof and apply weeks in advance for the conducting body to make arrangements.


PTE Academic syllabus includes three sections: Speaking & Writing, Reading, and Listening. That constitutes the total area of being scored upon.

Speaking & writing:A candidate gets 77-93 minutes to complete this section. This section includes:

  • Personal Introduction,
  • Read Aloud,
  • Repeat sentence,
  • Describe image,
  • Re-tell lecture,
  • Answer short question,
  • Summarize written text and
  • Essay

Reading:A candidate gets 32-40 minutes to complete this section. This section constitutes of:

  • Reading and writing (fill in the blanks),
  • MCQs (choose multiple answers),
  • Re-Order paragraphs,
  • Reading: (Fill in the blanks),
  • MCQs (choose single answers) 

Listening: A candidate gets 45-57 minutes to complete this section. This section constitutes of:

  • Summarize spoken text,
  • MCQs (Choose Multiple Answers),
  • Fill in the blanks,
  • Highlight correct summary,
  • MCQs (choose single answers),
  • Select missing word,
  • Highlight incorrect words


PTE Academic results are announced online and can be accessed from your PTEAcademic student account. Candidates would be e-mailed the instructions on accessing the results online.

PTE Academic Exam is scored on a scale of 10-90 with 10 the lowest with increment of 1 per correct answer. The scores are presented in a graph, giving an easy understanding of a candidate’s skills in the language and the improvement areas as well.To send their scores to the universities, a candidate need to do so via a secure portal set by PTE.


If candidate is unsatisfied with their PTE score then they can request for re-evaluation. Only spoken responses and open-ended written responses are re-evaluated. Candidates cannot opt for re-evaluation after scheduling again for another test or after sending their scores to the institutes. In the event of score change after re-evaluation, the new score would be replaced with the previous one and a new score report would be re-issued reflecting the new score.


Scholarships are available on the official website of every college along with the fellowships and grants awarded to deserving candidates on a regular basis. Candidates can apply for student loans as well from financial institutions for studying abroad.